Kitchen Flip – for new (used) kitchen tools, reclaimed cupboard space, and extra cash in your pocket!


“It’s a culinary swap meet, online”

It’s time to flip your (pot) lids!

Whether you are tired of your blue Le Creuset set, and just have to have the red series for your new kitchen, or you’ve got a feverish inspiration for sourdough bread-making but not a tool in the cupboard (or the $$$ to buy a brand new set-up) to make your first loaf with, we are here to connect buyers and sellers together to solve these culinary dilemmas. Other upsides, it’s more cash in everyone’s pocket, and a little less in the landfill.  So, go ahead and get creative. Cook up those new recipes, organized kitchen visions, and those dinner-party-table set-just-right dreams. We’re building you the system to bring those culinary dreams to life. All we need is your valuable opinion. Help us by taking this quick survey…

Quality for less.
Socially Sourced. Sustainable.


This new generation of consumers can re-learn what it is to buy something that can last a lifetime, and is made by a company with a great reputation – a good brand. Everyone deserves to have items of iconic value, moreover, at a fraction of the cost simply by transforming the model; by sharing the wealth of that object’s utility, beyond the first buyer. What we are talking about is a circular economy. Yes, you can have the All-Clad set you wanted! And yes you’ll quiet your guilty conscience about wanting a new dining set (because you bought one last year), in favor of a new plate pattern. Someone else will love the one you let go of, so you can go ahead and trade up! Win win 🙂 Don’t stop at the customary kitchen either. Think of outdoor cookery, picnics, barbeque, bar service… the culinary world is your oyster.

Cooks, hosts and designers love to shop a good online collection, but they also love to discuss and share. Essentially, they love to get social about their wining, dining, cooking and hosting. Our platform is designed as an engaging social platform where people share, tag and even gift to their friends. All we need is your valuable opinion. Help us by taking this quick survey…


Home cooks, sommelier, winemaker, culinary author and tech exec… A recipe for the Kitchen Flip

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